Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great news!

People often ask me about our other friends who are waiting to adopt and where they are at in the process. I am SO excited to give you a little update!

We met Julie and Dan at the initial weekend workshop when we first started the adoption process. They knew it could be a bit longer of a wait since they do already have one son. The wait was long and hard, especially for little Brogan, who couldn't wait to be a big brother. Well, as of 1/7/10 he got his wish! They are in California right now with their new little boy. The paperwork just went through and they are cleared for a flight home tomorrow. Julie and I talked yesterday things are going really well for the newly minted family of four. They are very anxious to get home to see their family and boy, do I remember that feeling! Their situation turned out so similar to ours, with a last minute baby in California. Their bithmother chose them right before she was induced but by a terrible stroke of luck, a snowstorm stopped all flights out of Milwaukee and they couldn't get out there for 2 days. Talk about anxious!! I'm just so glad everything worked out and they have the happy, healthy little boy they have been dreaming of. We are very excited because Julie and Dan are moving just a few miles away from our family in WI so we will have an easier time visiting them when we go up there. Lil is going to grow up around so many adopted kids, she's probably going to think everyone is adopted ;)

In the sidebar to the right, I've added permanent links to the two families from our local support group who are still waiting to be matched with a potential birthmother. Please keep them in your thoughts and pass along their information if you hear of anyone who would like to make an adoption plan for their child.

I would also just like to thank everyone who has posted a comment thus far in the post below. How neat it has been to hear from all of you!!! Those I know, and those I've never met (and didn't know existed!). Your sweet comments brought me to tears more than once! I am so humbled that you find the random stuff I write interesting enough to keep reading. Thank you!


Bumble's Bounce said...

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time a baby is adopted an angel get's it's wings..... I know I'm still working on it.....

Virginia Peach said...

Yay! I'm so pleased! I really hope this will be you, Corey and Lily some time in the future.

Your little group are so successful it seems. Now let's hurry up and turn these other couples into families too :)

Doug said...

Congratulations to Julie & Dan. Thanks for the link to our adoption page! We are touched that you do that for us. I enjoyed the diaper update and the window smooches this week.