Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Showing off her pearly white


and just because, a lady at work dared me to do continuous cartwheels from my office to the front counter:


We are having a lot of fun with this expired Polaroid film we found in the supply room!


Lisa said...

As if cartwheels across the office is a challenge to you.
It is natural.
Yeah! Lily has s toof! She will really like to start eating now.

Nanny said...

you're good!! I can't even touch my toes anymore.

narly said...

Ohmylord - she has grown up soooo much! She is just gorgeous - those eyes! Little Fin Brunner might have some competition on the "who gets to marry George" front :)

Nice cartwheel too Brook!

Glad to see that life as a Mum is treating you so well :) I still can't believe how much Lil has grown...!