Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some weekend, so far!

The 2nd day of the adoption meeting was just as great as the first. I even got to play photographer, taking fun pics of each of the couples in front of the sign for the adoption center. We met a few more couples at a support group that was held after the main workshop. The couples at the support group are at the "waiting" phase. It was great to meet more people who know exactly where we've been and where we are going. Awesome experience all around. I can't wait to get started on the the pile of paperwork. I'm being serious. We are working towards a domestic adoption, so if, by chance, anyone out there hears of anyone who is interested in placing a child for adoption, please keep us in mind. I'll be linking our adoption website when we get it done.

On another exciting (for me) note, I got a haircut. Jennie works at a posh salon and she hooked me up with a discount. I am totally in love with it. Its shorter in the back and tapered to the front. I only hope I can re-create some resemblance of the style on my own. We shall see.

Hold on to your hats, guys and gals. Guess who is going to be featured on a book cover? Moi! Well, more accurately, my legs. A cover art designer wants to use this photo from my early 365 days for a cover he's doing. He ran it by the author, so it looks like a go. Yeehaw! So, maybe I'm not going to be rich from it... but my gams will be famous! Oh yeah, and I have no idea what the book is about or anything. Lets hope its good. They are going to send me a copy.

Paperwork is calling.

Baby Step

We went to our first official adoption conference yesterday. There were 4 other couples there with us and, within the first 5 minutes, I; 1. cried my eyes out, 2. hugged a stranger. At that point, I think Corey was thinking "What did I get myself into, bringing this blubbering fool?". It was fine, though. Me and the lady to my right bonded over our overactive emotions.

Driving to the meeting, I had told Corey that I was not feeling particularly excited about the whole process of this. After the first day of the meeting, though, I'm happy to say that I feel really good about it. We realized that our agency choice is really the best fit for us. The staff is really caring and laid back, they feel like old friends.

While attending the 2 day meeting, we are staying with our wonderfully supportive friends, Doug and Jennie. Jennie says if she was was in the market for adoptive parents, she would totally choose us. So, we've got that hearty endorsement :-)

Doug says the waffles are waiting, so I gotta run...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random stuff:

I'm taking a yoga class at the "Y". I even got Corey to go with me once. Today is the first day that I really felt like my flexibility has improved and I can actually see a difference. I'm really enjoying it. It is a really large class and I have to get there early to get a spot with enough room to stretch my arms out all the way. I'm also thinking I need to get my own mat. The thought of resting my forehead on the same spot that someone else's sweaty bare feet were - kind of grosses me out.

Corey bought all of the seeds for our garden. After literally hours of pouring over mail order catalogs, he decided on the perfect specimens. Did I mention he is really into this gardening stuff? Last night he made a diagram of where everything will go. It looks like a blueprint.

The newest software update for the iPhone rocks. iPhone can now pinpoint your location on a map. Its like having your own little gps unit with you at all times. Basically, it triangulates your position from cell towers or WiFi networks. It is super handy. I'm so glad its a free upgrade. There are other cool aspects of the upgrade like movable icons, movie rentals, etc, but the map thing is, by far, the best. You can even drop a pin wherever you want and bookmark that spot for later reference. The first thing I said when I used the iPhone was "the only thing that could make this better is GPS." I can't complain now :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mental Health Day

I woke up this morning at 6am, took a shower, packed my lunch, kissed Corey and Chloe goodbye, walked to the door and decided NOT to go to work. Corey and I are taking a "Mental Health Day". That is one thing I love about my job - flex time. Corey did have to go in this morning for a meeting, though.

I think this unusually warm weather is giving me sinus issues. When I woke up this morning the temperature was in the 60s. That just isn't right. Global warming is real.

If anyone else out there is into photography and looking for some inspiration, check out this article over at Photojojo.

Friday, January 4, 2008


My husband has suddenly become a "Wheel Watcher". Yes, as in Wheel of Fortune. Also Jeopardy. He even Tevo's it sometimes. I'm starting to think I don't know this man at all...

On another note, this completely cracked me up. Aprille was a part of the Iowa caucuses and documented the experience in her Flickr photostream.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What a deal!

Have I mentioned my love of craigslist? Well, I love it even more today. We've been looking for a new dining room table big enough to seat 6. I'm sick of family get-togethers involving tv tables and sitting on things other than chairs. I was not looking forward to buying a brand new one (seeing as they are so darned expensive) so I've been keeping an eye on craigslist for the last 6 months, or so. The deal of the century finally arrived. We got this oak table plus 6 chairs for a whopping $150.00. Woot woot!!