Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goings on.

On Thursday, Lil and I made a surprise trip to visit my mom for a few days. Unfortunately, Lily got her first ever ear infection and had a high temperature (a little over 103). At first the Dr. thought it was just teething, then since it was so high and staying up, we took her to urgent care and they diagnosed the infection. Poor girl. She is now on her first ever antibiotic.

On Saturday we had some friends over to play poker. For some reason in this shot, no one is holding their cards.


Notice smug Mr. Money Bags (aka Jeremy) to the left.

And since I pretty much always have to include a photo of Lily, here is one of her in one of her usual spots, standing by the kitchen island playing with the onions. She is infatuated with them and has been since she could first stand up to touch them. I think she likes the crinkly noise of the skins.



Jillian said...

Brook, you realize that you have the cutest baby ever, right? Oh your pictures just kill me every time.

Tami S said...

She's just beautiful! The onions looked good too.

Lisa T. said...

Wait until more of her teeth come in, she will want to bite them. I have to keep em away from Henry because he wants to gnaw on em. ewe

Butts said...

I remember my kiddos loving to play with onions too. When we'd be at the store and I would have to put them up front just so they could play with them!

btw, your right my man does look at little too smug about taking all the $$$!

Will Goss said...

Onions? Never liked them and probably never will.

tc said...

the onions we grew this year were real small. i kept them in the laundry room in a basket. One of my babysitting kids told me that my walnuts in the basket tasted yucky!!! Guess what they were tasting?