Monday, January 4, 2010

We've reached the "noggin conking" phase

It was inevitable. Our little dear is venturing into new territory, and with that come the bumps and bruises associated with mobility. We are doing our best to protect her and baby-proof things but but it is impossible to predict every slip or trip. Corey learned this yesterday while hovering over her while she stood, grasping the entertainment center. One minute she was fine and dandy and in the blink of an eye she had slipped down between his outstretched arms and conked her noggin on side of the cabinet. This came shortly after I had received a hearty lecture from him on how I must not have been paying attention when she fell against a plastic toy.

I hate it when she gets hurt. It breaks my heart. But what can you do? Living in a bubble is not really an option (but don't think I haven't considered it), and after all, it is part of life. A small amount of pain is part of learning and growing. You need to test the limits before you can move on to the next step in life. It's just hard to let them learn the hard way. I don't want to make it sound like we aren't doing everything we can to make our home as safe as possible. I just know that some degree of noggin-conking is unavoidable.

I love (and fought for) our wood floors but right now, I'm wishing we had carpet.


Bumble's Bounce said...

Just in case you want to go with that whole "bubble" idea.

Tami said...

When the boys were little, I had a glass coffee table that I tried to cover up with foam and duct tape, eventually it had to go. It was safe but it looked too trashy.

I don't think the foam and tape will work for the sixteen year old when he starts driving alone. I guess I will just have to breathe and drink.

Lisa said...

man! We've had some good bruises and bumps around here too. Now that he is nearly walking... Don't feel badly, Henry has leaped off of his high bed twice. Completely my fault. You would think the trauma of the first time would have learned me but I am a little slow apparently. Last week he chipped his front tooth. You wouldn't know it if you didn't know his teeth..all 8 of them. but since i do every time he smiles at me I think, "ooomph! I just wasn't quick enough!"

Brook said...

Laura - I forgot we just talked about those. Um, yeah, NO.

Tami - That table sounds classy! I'm also cracking up picturing a car wrapped in foam and tape with a 16 year old inside.

Lisa - Glad I'm not the only one. Maybe we can compare bruises at our next get-together ;)

Anonymous said...

You will love the wood floors again when the drink spilling stage begins! A friend of Steve and Lisa...AMW I love following Lily's days on here. She is a beaut.

Butts said...

It's sickening to hear their little heads thump isn't it? Unfortunately you are in for at least 1.5 -2 more years of that, depending on her coordination level. If you want to feel better about her bruises now I can send you the pic of Brayden with the prize fighter black eye at about 15 months. I cried much longer than he did. Honestly, it's much harder on us than them, they are made of human rubber (cartilage) at this point! You'll get used to it and it won't hurt you as much!

Nanny said...

Oh yeah, I remember the lumps and bumps and oh yeah, the trips to the emergency room to get stiches.
I have a big scar on my left foot from dancing on a table as a child pretending to be Diana Ross and the Supremes. The table leg broke and my leg went right through the window.
But Ah, what a performance it was!!