Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baby Step

We went to our first official adoption conference yesterday. There were 4 other couples there with us and, within the first 5 minutes, I; 1. cried my eyes out, 2. hugged a stranger. At that point, I think Corey was thinking "What did I get myself into, bringing this blubbering fool?". It was fine, though. Me and the lady to my right bonded over our overactive emotions.

Driving to the meeting, I had told Corey that I was not feeling particularly excited about the whole process of this. After the first day of the meeting, though, I'm happy to say that I feel really good about it. We realized that our agency choice is really the best fit for us. The staff is really caring and laid back, they feel like old friends.

While attending the 2 day meeting, we are staying with our wonderfully supportive friends, Doug and Jennie. Jennie says if she was was in the market for adoptive parents, she would totally choose us. So, we've got that hearty endorsement :-)

Doug says the waffles are waiting, so I gotta run...

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