Monday, January 18, 2010

Bye bye birdie

Bye bye birdie

Awhile back, a girl named Becky posted a sweet little comment just to say "hi" and let me know how she had come across my blog. How sweet! That got me thinking about the others out there reading these babbles. Looking at the StatCounter, I am constantly amazed by the number of hits this little blog gets per day. So just for fun, I made this little birdie and plan to send him out as a "thank you" to someone out there reading this.

Mr. Birdie is made out of fiber from local alpacas which I washed, hand dyed and needle felted. He fits in the palm of your hand (a little smaller than a tennis ball) and would love to go home with you and sit atop your monitor, bookshelf, or anywhere else you need a little cuteness. To enter to win, just leave a comment with letting me know how you came across my blog and where abouts you are from. In one week (Monday, January 25th) I will pick a winner using a random number generator.

Please leave a comment and don't forget to check back Monday to see if you won and claim Mr. Birdie. If you live in the U.S., I'll also throw in a few of Corey's famous handmade chocolates (unfortunately, I don't think I can ship homemade foods internationally).

Take care!


Brande said...


I went to school with Corey and worked with his mom (at Safe Passage) and Ashley (at Home Depot). I was orginally introduced to your blog because T.C. kept talking about her wonderful daughter in law. What drew me back to your blog a few months ago was when Corey posted his new baby story on facebook. I've been hooked since. I have laughed and cried with your blog. My own husband and I have been trying for well over a year for our own child and your blog gives me hope. Thank You,
Brande Fields Issler

Bill Whitmore said...

Hi Brook ....Been watching your photo stream on Flickr for almost 2 years now ...i've seen ya laugh and i've seen ya cry ...and i was in the background Cheering when you got Miss Lilly.....i've been a parent almost 25 years and i'm enjoying watching you with your adventures with Lilly ..and from what i see Ya'll are Awesome parents !

Bill Whitmore aka mrbbqcook on Flickr

Corey said...

If your curious, the chocolates that are currently ready for shipment are as follows:

1.Dark chocolate and Grand Marnier ganache dipped in dark chocolate

2. My version of a glorified Mounds, coconut with caramel dipped in dark chocolate.

Lisa said...

Bribery, maybe I should have made some bribes too. :)
Cute birdie!
I read because we are in a support group together and I have love for you. We went through the most intimate moments of our babies coming into our lives.
We are fortunate.
:) lisa t.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brook,

I have you on my RSS feed here in London. I came across your blog around the time you discovered Lily was to join you and was incredibly moved. I just moved here, and don't know many people my own age (approximately yours) at all. Reading tidbits about your gorgeous little family makes me a little bit happier at the end of the day.


Tami said...

HI Brook, I'm Lilly's birth aunt. We were all so relieved when we met you and Corey. I follow your blog because I love hearing about all of the things your family is doing and I especially like watching Lilly grow up. I read every post and watch every video.

Thanks for taking the time to post so often.

Christine... said...

Hi Brook,

I'm another Flickr-ite who came across your beautiful blog via Blu-Sun Carrie. I've also laughed and cried with your blog...but mostly I just adore watching your family blossom.

I'm also a sucker for John Cougar Mellencamp and loved your post dancing with your new daughter. I smiled so much watching that video back when Lily was oh-so-tiny!

Even if I don't win...this was a perfect excuse to bring me out from being a link-lurker and onto your comment page!

Thanks for the bribe to bring us out of the woodwork!


Gina said...

I found about your blog by following your photostream on Flickr (or as someone once told me contact stalking). :)

I didn't actually realize you had a blog until the day you posted the picture of the story of your daughter and it linked back here.

In some weird way it's fun & exciting to see when a complete stranger posts a new blog. You have a wonderful family and it makes my day when I see that you posted a new post!

Kendra said...

Someone who met you at a knitting group or something told me that you had adopted and had a blog about it, so I checked it out!

Becky said...

was it me? hah i love reading your blog and it was flickr that brought me to it. i will never forget how much your photos gripped me when you were still waiting for little lily to get here. keep blogging...i love keeping up with y'all!

Bumble's Bounce said...

Sneaky little devil you! Great idea! Lessee, how do I know about your blog..... :) Oh, YOU KNOW HOW!

Jillian said...

I've commented before so don't include me in the draw, but I do think this is a perfect opportunity to tell you how much I love your site. It's so funny to read how many people have been brought to tears by your words and pictures. Thank you for sharing all that you do... you've touched a lot of people.

j karen (flickr)

Cami said...

Hey Corey and Brook...just send can keep the birdie! :)

Kirsten said...

I started following your first 365 project on the 'country' life vicariously through you (from my totally citified apartment, lol).

I was so happy for you & your family when I saw the thumbnail of your self-portrait with Lily in the sling. So sweet to see that great things really do happen to wonderful people. :)

Erin said...

Hi Brook,
I am a reader of your blog, which I really enjoy! I came across your blog from a link on another friend's blog. When I first started reading I saw that you were from Indiana. I too am from Indiana. Currently I live in California. I took interest in various things you wrote about that reminded me of things I used to do as well. Your photography also got me hooked. I love your photos. I have been meaning to "itendify" myself, so now is a good chance. Also, congrats on your adorable little girl:)

Virginia Peach said...

^^^ Hey Erin, would that have been my blog? Hehe!

Hi Brooke,
I first found you on flickr because of a photo on your 365. I can't remember which one off hand, but if I saw it again I would probably recognise it. I've been following for a long time, and was crying tears and tears when I found out about Lily- first I read your tweet about it but it didn't click straight away as she was still a little secret. That's why my reply was a little confused. Too bad about the whole swine flu thing, it would have been great to have met when you were in the area, but hopefully if you make it out to my neck of the woods again then maybe we could have a little playdate :)

Thanks for bringing sunshine to my day each time I check my google reader xx

Erin said...

Yes, Virginia Peach, that would be your website:) I have found a couple of nice links from it. Thanks!

t.c. said...

Ok, I would love to have the little birdie. You know my story, but this blog helps me keep in touch with my you and Corey and my very special granddaughter, Lily. It definately makes me feel that I am a little closer to you all than the distance that is between us. Love you all so much. Mamaw

Amanda said...

Oh, how fun is this!?!? Corey and I were good friends in college and I met you through him! I LOVE reading your blog and keeping up with your family life. I am SO happy to see how your beautiful daughter has brightened your life in every way!!

amanda u.

Butts said...

I guess I should comment, instead of lurking! My hubby and Corey are two smelly fisherman in a semi-functional boat. Thankfully our friendship with Corey led to our friendship w/ you and we gained a great friend. I love reading the blog to keep in touch cause this mommyhood and life business keeps us rather busy!!

Nanny said...

I am Lily's birth grandmother from California. I feel so proud and privleged to have corey and brook in my life.
This blog has been my connection to all of their lives especially being so far away. I also have laughed and cried many times reading the blog.
Brook, you didn't even realize how many peoples lives you have affected with this blog.
This whole experience has really had such a positive impact on me and how I feel about adoption.
That little birdie will find a good home.
Corey, my mouth watered just reading you describe those chocolates. You are such a tease.
Love you all

Virginia Peach said...

That's another thing I love about coming here, reading these comments it just blows me away how one little girl can bring two loving families together to make an even bigger one, two families who never would have been joined had it not been for her. This is so, so special :)

Bumble's Bounce said...

Nin, your comment, totally just made me all teary......I feel the SAME way, she's a special little Lily!

Amie said...

I am friends with Lisa, Steve and Henery and started following right as you were getting Lily.

Kristin said...


Honestly, I'm not sure how I found you - whether it was through Lisa's Welcome to Babyville or through one of your posts to the agency's forum. But I've been reading along for quite awhile now. Initially I was interested because you were IAC waiting parents who went "in the books" about the time we did. So I was excited (and envious!) when you matched and then brought your darling girl home.

Then as I read more, I discerned things that really make me like and respect you, such as your commitment to openness in adoption, living sustainably, and finding beauty in the world around you.

So, please keep on posting. It is fun watching Lily grow and learning about another family who is far away (we're in California) but near in many ways.

Megs&Andrew said...

I know you through my cousin Laura. I knit and checked out your blog for the first time when she told me about the mouse and snake you made. So cute!

Aimee said...

Hi Brook, it's Aimee from spinning/knitting (back when I actually left the house once in a while). I keep up with Lilly growing so fast (blows my mind!) until I get to bump into you next spring at the Farmers' Market.

Adorable bird, but did someone say homemade chocolates, hmmm....

TeeRish said...

hi brook!

it's awesome that you blog - must be so weird to know that so many people are reading your blog, but not know who it is! well, one of them is me! =)

finley says hi...well, actually, it was just a "aaaaaah!"

hope you guys are doing well!

Zack said...

I'm Brook's brother. I don't comment much, but I always check in to see what's new.

All this love being showered on Brook is almost too much for my stomach to take. I grew up with her, people. She's not THAT great! :-)

Ha! Just having fun with you sis! :-P

シャロン said...

Hi there! I stumbled on your blog and had you bookmarked since.

i love your photos, by the way!


Anonymous said...


You know me! I love to read your blog at lunch. It is a nice break from work!

Kimberly Neumann

Anonymous said...


You know me! I love to read your blog at lunch. It is a nice break from work!

Kimberly Neumann