Friday, July 31, 2009

The hike

We went out to Lily's woods today so Corey could pick up his trail camera. He decided it was time to try out the amazing kid carrier that his friend Zach bought for Lil.

I forgot my camera so we snapped a few cell phone shots of her.

A case for not dressing in the dark...

I swear, I washed this shirt. I just took a gander at myself in the office bathroom (at 11am mind you) and notice this big honking spitup stain. It is kind of difficult to see in the cell phone pic, but it dribbles down all the way to the waist. NICE!

I promise more pics of Lil soon. We've been having too much fun playing to take pictures.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yeah, so, I miss my kid.

Cell phone pic of my desk:

I'm officially one of those parents. You know, the ones who plaster huge pictures of their kid everywhere and tell endless stories about their cutsieosities. Sorry. I just am.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Testing out the pipes

She still does not enjoy riding in the car, but at least she's getting more civilized in her distaste.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 months


You are 3 months old today. We keep saying "THIS has GOT to be the cutest age." and then you go and do something cuter the next day. Darn you and your cuteness!

Things we want to remember about this month of your life:

- You are a snuggler.
- You are becoming more clingy to mommy and daddy and getting a little "stranger-danger" complex. You still do pretty well when others want to hold you. Especially if you can still see mommy and daddy. People just love to cuddle with you and always comment on what a sweet little girl you are.
- You babble and squeak a lot. We were driving home from a wedding today and you were making all kinds of funny yelps and happy squeals in the back seat. We couldn't stop laughing.
- You are getting more into toys, grabbing the dangly ones. You are really entertained by your fish mobile above your crib. You can happily watch it for a very long time but when it stops, you "yell" at it until we get it moving again.
- You are more aware of your hands and grasp them together a lot, as if you are contemplating a very big decision.
- You are eating a lot for your age. 8 oz at some meals.
- You smile at things other than us, like the dogs. Also, when you smile really big, you stick your tongue out. It is adorable.
- You are starting to chew (not just suck) on our fingers and your toys. You are also drooling much more these days.
- You love it when we sing songs to you. It melts my heart when daddy sings to you because he is terribly out of tune, especially when he sings "Row Row Row Your Boat". You love it just the same.

The photo at the top was taken at Cami and Seth's wedding where daddy was the best man.

Here is a photo of the cute onesie mommy's friend Rebecca from college sent all the way from England. It says "I love Milk, Mum and The Reds (Liverpool).

Headed home

We had a fun time at the wedding yesterday. It was a beautiful day and the bride looked lovely. It was a beach theme and she had a starfish in her hair. There were lots of babysitters (Corey's former co-workers) at the wedding, so Corey and I were able to break it down on the dance floor. Man we love to dance. The fact that we are no good at it doesn't really bother us. Lily even joined us for a few songs. She already has dance fever.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Heading north

I'm posting from the back seat as we drive north to Potato Creek State Park, our old stomping grounds. We are excited to visit old friends and attend a wedding. The trip has started off on a bad note as I forgot the cloth diaper covers, so we are going to have to resort to disposables for a few days :(

On a happier note, this YouTube video is totally rocking my world:

I can't make the link work from my phone, so you are going to have to cut and paste it in your web browser the old fashioned way. Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm at work and all I can think about is little Lil, so I'm taking what I am going to refer to as a "blogbreak".

Corey told me when he drove Lily to the sitter this morning, she held his hand the entire way. She had one little hand wrapped around his pinky and the other on his thumb. Of course, this was only possible because he drives a truck, combined with the fact that there are only 2 turns between the sitter's house and ours. The image of them riding together like this brings a little tear to my eye. Okay, more than one, but I'm quite a softie.

She was so smiley and happy this morning. It was SO very hard to leave her. Not that it is ever easy. Yesterday, she snuggled with me for the first time. The first "real" snuggle, where she grasped my hair and pulled me in close while she fell asleep for her nap. I cherish every second of her.

Here is one more photo from yesterday while we waited for the Dr. She was pulling on her shirt so it looks a little funny. Oh, and Jennifer, this one is for you. See, my baby can look like Shrek, too :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why you shouldn't count you chickens before they hatch...

On Saturday, I cracked 16 of our homegrown eggs for an angel food cake. The recipe called for a dozen, but our eggs are still pretty small as the chickens are still just getting the hang of laying. I was separating the whites from the yolks through my fingers and out of the 15 eggs, 7 had double yolks:

...and one was a TRIPLE YOLKER!

Speaking of overachievers, Lily had a Dr, visit today. We knew she was a big gal, but turns out she is tipping the scales in the 90th percentile in all categories (height, weight and head circumference). Yikes! I hope she doesn't grow too fast. Hopefully she'll slow down a bit.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little fishy

Lil had her first boating experience yesterday on lake Monroe. It started shaky, as she cried when we got into Corey's fishing boat and slowly made our way over to the double decker pontoon some friends of ours rented. As soon as we got onto the party boat, she was a happy camper. We stayed out on the lake all day. She didn't mind her life vest too much, so we even got in the water some. She kicked her little legs but the water was a little chilly so we didn't do it for long. Next, I got into the tube and Lil took a ride with me, kicking her feet in the water in the center of the tube was we went. She cooed and seemed to enjoy it.

Photos by Corey:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stealing my "babbling" thunder...

Both these videos are from this morning. The 2nd one shows why Corey always loves to be the one to take her out of her cradle in the morning. It may look like he's waking her out of a deep sleep, but she had been making squeaks for the previous 20 minutes.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mural part 2

Mom and dad are visiting so we got to work on the mural once again. Mom does the fancy stuff and I work on the easy things like plants, snails and pollywogs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Bumbo

Although she is still a bit small for it, Lil has been enjoying the Bumbo seat she is borrowing from a friend.

I think she might be storing nuts in those cheeks...

...and since her muscles still aren't all that strong, sometimes this happens...