Thursday, January 14, 2010


Blog2print book

For some time now I've been looking into ways of printing my blog in hard copy. Being a diary of sorts, I'd like to have it in print in case something ever happens to these here internets. I tried printing it on the printer but the formatting gets all strange, so you'd have to copy and paste to Word and that would just take FOREVER.

At one time I started a Blurb book but that too, seemed like quite and undertaking as the pictures would be larger and would require me to upload the larger versions (instead of the web sized ones from directly from the blog).

My aunt was asking me about it recently, so I started looking into it again. I ended up going with blog2print for the first installment (I'm planning to print a book for each year, so I started with 2007). Their prices seemed reasonable and what really sold me was the fact that it formatted it all for me so I hardly had to do a thing other than pick a cover design. The quality isn't too bad, the pages seem just a tad thinner than a regular book and the binding may not be super durable, but for the most part, I'm pleased.

I think I am going to try Blurb for the 2nd installment so I can really compare print quality.

Here are some photos:

Blog2print book

Blog2print book

I took this shot to try to show the quality of the photos. They are a tad grainy - not sure if it is because they were web sized, or if it that is just the way it always is from this company. I can totally live with them, though. Not too bad at all.

Blog2print book

Blog2print book


*Edit to add, I just looked into Blurb again. Their format for "slurping" from blogger is one entry per page with very small photos along the outside of the page. They also can't seem to "slurp" comments from Blogger. So it looks like with Blurb, there would be far too much copying and pasting to get it where I want for my taste. I think my next book will be a blog2print as well.


Cami said...

THis is so funny. I was just looking at some of your old posts from 2007.

Lisa said...

OOOh awesome! We've been talking about this for a while.
I'm going to look into it.
I would like to see your copy the next time we meet.

Virginia Peach said...

Oooh my goodness! I completely want to do this. What a great idea!

btw, have been meaning to ask, how are you liking your gro baby diapers these days? I'm considering sending one of mine back- one of the seams in a soaker has come undone, and the elastic in two of my shells (both green ones) has completely gone too. I take such good care of them-- only wash them on warm in my gentle front-load machine using gentle detergent, *never* tumble dry them and *always* rotate the shells so they all get equal use. I'm wondering if it's a production issue as the two shells affected are both the same colour. Anywho, I'm going to try sending them back I think.

Brook said...

Virginia - By all means, call the company (Natural Baby Company)! I have had two green ones do the same as yours. I called the company after each one and they immediately sent out replacements along with a paid envelope to return the old one. Did the same thing with one soaker that had a run in it. They stand by their product 100%. A rarity these days!

Bumble's Bounce said...

LOVE IT! It looks beautiful, what an amazing treasure!

Linde said...

That's so awesome brook!!! I love that you blog, it is like a diary. I wish i had something to say so I could write a blog, but I'm mostly all fumbles. Working on frames for your pics for our dining room so you'll see an order soon!!! Have a good weekend.

Virginia Peach said...

Wow, really? I will give them a call on Monday, thanks so much :)

Sounds like it was a problem with the green ones. I'm so happy they're such a good company- I would have been upset otherwise as they're not exactly cheap...

Nanny said...

Wow! a book, how exciting!
I am so appreciative of your blog.
It is my life line from California to my family in Indiana.
Thank you.
And a special thanks to Corey for all the encouragement and support he gives you.