Thursday, April 1, 2010

NOT April Fools!

It was 82 degrees today. Seriously. On the 1st of April. Cra-zy! Lily enjoyed roaming around in the grass while I pooper-scooped and Corey planted peas in the garden.

As soon as I find a tackle box at a garage sale, I'm totally going to make one of these planters.

Also, why did this pattern not come out until Lily was too big for them???


Nanny said...

It was warmer there than in California. Good for you, I'm sure you needed the warmth. It's been raining on and off all week.
The duck socks were really cute.

Doug said...

Ooh, neat. But lots of watering to keep those thin trays at the top from drying out.

I LOVE the duck feet. Can you size them up for Lily? I think it would be great fun to watch her toddling around in those!