Sunday, April 25, 2010

Homemade donuts

I got the hankering to make homemade donuts last night. Sooooo healthy, I know!

I used this recipe and they turned out pretty darned scrumptious. You can't beat hot yeast donuts. We had tons of them, so this morning Corey brought a bunch in to his employees. They were pretty stoked.






Bumble's Bounce said...

You are an evil evil person. I mean, UNLESS...I should wait by my mailbox. If not, you stink. p.s. you have my address.

Lisa T. said...

that looks awesome!

Nanny said...

My mouth started watering as soon as I looked at the picture, seriously this is doughnut abuse especially with me being way out here in California.

Doug said...

So THAT's how it's done! I always wondered how they got them round like that. I thought it was like bagels where you start off with a rope of dough, wrap it around your fingers, overlap and join the ends, and turn the circle inside out. (I saw it done in NYC once. It was SO cool to watch.)

Now I know better about yeast doughnuts. These look professional Brook!