Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holy freaking camera, Batman!


Dear Canon 20D,

I love you. You know that. We have been through a lot together. You survived our move, my 365 project, and a baby, and a fledgeling portrait business. I do not know the exact count, but I think I could safely say you have loyally served me with thousands upon thousands (upon thousands) of photos in the 3+ years we've spent together. You did a wonderful job, you really did. You taught me so much as a photographer, for that, I am truly grateful.

Before you made your way to me (via eBay) you were owned for years by one, possibly two, other people. A digital camera surviving that long with that kind of use is pretty much unheard of. So instead of feeling like I am kicking you out in the cold, please think of it this as a form of retirement. You will still be here with us, your 8 megapixels faithfully housed in your comfy bag, ready to help out if called upon.

Hopefully, you will learn to love the newest member of the family, Ms. 21 megapixel Canon 5D Mk ii.  She will be doing the heavy lifting from now on, but just know, there will always be a special place in my heart reserved only for you, 20D.

Love always,


(Images from the 5D Mk ii)




This is how you know she's had enough...



Eunice said...

Those are AWESOME pictures Brook!! Of course, you have a great subject (and sounds like a great new camera). When Keegan learns to walk, I want to schedule a photo shoot with you - you have our business!!

Alexis Heimansohn said...

Holy freakin camera is right!!!! I am jealous. WOW!!!

alexis heimansohn said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that YOU are the only person I know that would write a letter to her camera. :-)

The Bossy Yankee said...

Go you! that is awesome!

Lisa T. said...

Yeah! New camera!
I love my D300 but it is a babies toy
next to your big mama.
I know that feeling of letting an old camera go... but trust me, when you up grade that feeling fades QUICKLY!
Love that Lily too... SO PRETTY!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

these are all gorgeous! I have a nikon d60 which is like the canon rebel. i want something BETTER. way better.