Sunday, April 4, 2010

No photos

Darn me and my forgetfulness. This morning we finally took my mom and dad to the Beanblossom Bottoms boardwalk. We'd been talking about taking them forever and we finally got around to it. We are so lucky to have this amazing preserve so close to home. About 10 minutes into our hike, I realized that I had remembered my camera, but left my memory card at home. Doh! Corey gets so mad at me for not putting the card back in the camera after I download photos (with my card reader). Anyway, it was a neat hike all the same, even with out photographic documentation. We walked all but one tiny section of the 2.5 miles of boardwalk. The weather was absolutely beautiful. From the eagle viewing platform we could see one bald eagle sitting on it's gigantic nest, and other one perched on the top of a nearby tree. What a neat thing it was to see! Corey had Lily in a backpack carrier and we had to fight with her the entire way to keep her hat on (since the sun was blazing). Eventually she drifted off to sleep and the hat stayed on, until the wind picked up, that is.

After all that walking, it was time to eat. We decided to go for Burmese food at "Mandalay Restaurant".  The food was exceptional. We loved the "Paratha with Yellow peas" appetizer and all of our entrees were really good, as well. My soup was ginormous and would have been enough to feed all four of us by it's self. Yum! Another good day, indeed.

One other funny thing that happened today- after mom and dad left, I was sitting in the living room, folding laundry. Lily went in her room to play with some toys. I heard her getting into the little crate under her bookshelf. The crate holds the musical instruments that her mamaw and papaw got her for Christmas. She has never really shown too much interest in them before, so I had stored them there to wait until she was a little older. Well, the next thing I know, I hear this little "shaka shaka shaka" and out toddles Lil with a maraca in each tiny hand. I laughed so hard, I cried. 


Corey said...

I wish I would have been inside to see her toddling along with those maraca's. At least she brought them outside to show me how they work.

Butts said...

I had another friend tell me how cool BBB is this week. We need to get out there for a day trip!!

Sounds like a great weekend with the family! Gonna make it hard to go to work tomorrow.

Butts said...

Thanks for the navigation help, made it to the Bottoms. Had a great time, although the kiddos got pretty hot out there today. Only one foot dunked in (Braydog!)