Sunday, April 11, 2010

A few of my faves

Since the video got a little grainy when I uploaded it to the web, I wanted to include some better views of my favorites.

The little pretty.


The tree hugger.


The girly girl.


The silly willy.


And my #1 fave, the little poser.


This girl knows how to work the camera already!


Corey said...

She sure does know how to work the camera! It's a good thing too, because she'll be doing a lot of it.

elder2 said...

the blue shirt in the blue flowers is really pretty!

Nanny said...

She definitely knows how to work it work it.
I loved the pretty blue too.

Doug and Lex said...

Brook, I think these are some of the best photos of Lily that you have taken. They are beautiful. The last one would make an awesome gallery wrap. Gorgeous!

Lisa T. said...

So sweet I have a cavity looking at these. I love the tree hugging ones.

Bumble's Bounce said...

Are these framed yet?

Anonymous said...


You keep outdoing yourself on the Lilly pictures. These are wonderful. She is so photo-genic or you are just incredible at photography, or both.