Thursday, April 29, 2010

1 Year


Dear Lily,

On Monday, you turned 1 year old.  You have made this, by far, the most magical year of our lives.  You are such a peppy, happy girl.  Right now, you love canned green beans (from our garden), running in the soft spring grass, hugging and kissing kitties, clapping, hugging mommy and daddy's legs, being chased, and most of all, climbing. You love to climb stairs, climb on top of your little riding truck, and anything else you can find. Your favorite thing to climb on so far, is the kitchen island. You have learned how to climb up on the shelf underneath it. You sit there like a little Queen, overseeing her empire. You also climbed up on the bed yesterday. Daddy had told me you'd tried this before, but I never thought you could do it. You put one foot on top of the metal bed frame and the next one in between the mattress and box spring. Then you grabbed the sheets with all you had and hiked your leg over. Hard to believe because that bed is almost as tall as you are!

Things I want to remember about this age:

-You can now sit quietly, reading a book to yourself. You get frustrated, however, when we read to you. You want to turn the pages at your own pace and when we read to you, it is far too slow for your taste.

- You say Bauw (ball), khhhhity (kitty),  duggy (doggy), mama, dada, hi and uh-oh.

- You are faster at warming up to people you don't know. You made friends with the woman behind us at the grocery store checkout the other day. You even reached out of the cart for her to pick you up.

- You are very kind. You always offer mommy and daddy bits of your food. When your little friend Oliver was visiting, you retrieved his pacifier and put it back in his mouth for him.

-  You know where your belly button is and find it when we ask you to.

-  You are making it quite difficult to change your diapers these days. You are too excited and want to go, go, go. We have to hold you down to get the job done sometimes.

You are the little glowing light of our lives and we don't know what we ever did before you came around.




Butts said...

It was so good to see you today Lily and touch your soft hair and play your 1 year old games, miss those sometimes. (Good to see your parents too!)
Jeremy and I will never forget when we got the call from your parents to tell us that you were all the way in California waiting for them. We were wrist deep in dirt, planting our garden. But we ran in to clean up and throw some baby supplies in a bag to take to your Mamma.
What joy you have brought to so many, most of all your Mom & Dad. You are their light at the end of what was a very dark and difficult tunnel. Many blessings to you for all your coming years.


The Sobecki Family

Virginia said...

When you looked after Oliver by making sure he never lost his pacifier, we thought it was the cutest thing we had ever, ever seen. Happy Birthday little one! Thankyou for letting us share your special day, we will never forget it (your parents were pretty cool too)


Lisa T. said...

Yea Lily!
Love you little girl and we don't see you nearly enough!

Bumble's Bounce said...

Happy 1st Birthday Lily!

Sometimes when I read your moms blog, or I'm thinking about you all, I can still "feel" the "conversation" your mom and I had the morning she told me you were all grown and ready in her heart... Her heart was bursting with love and excitement and a little girl named Lily that had been growing in there for a long long time, and I could "feel" it across the country, through our cell phones!

I screamed! I had to ask her to repeat it. WHAT?! WHAT?! I said, screaming and crying and yelling, and just saying WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! Bumble was in the back seat, crying and asking me:
"what's a matter mama?"
"what's going on",
"why're you crying mama?" Between talking to your mom, and talking to Bumble,
(I'm happy, they're happy tears honey)
(It's ok buddy, I'm happy! VERY HAPPY)

So we've all calmed down, but you still have a hold on ALL of our hearts, that is for sure. You'll always live there. A special little spot for Lily. Sometimes our hearts will get all filled up again, just like the first time we knew you were with your mom and dad, and then...we'll all settle back down! Oh, and then....we'll just get all Lily happy again!

You have that effect on people.

We are wishing you a Happy 1st birthday! Sending you love, and LOADS of happy tears and laughter for another amazing year!

Love and Long distance hugs,
Laura and Bumble <3

Corey said...

It's hard to believe it's already been a year! Time has flown by and we've really had the opportunity to made some great people over the last year. I'm looking forward to many great years!

Corey said...

*meet, not made