Monday, March 15, 2010

This morning

Last night, Lily took FOREVER to fall asleep, she kept fighting and fighting it. When she finally fell asleep, she slept like a log. Corey and I slept quite soundly too, as we'd had a pretty exciting weekend - his family was visiting and I went to a really fun "green girls night" at a friend's house (it was an Eco St. Patricks Day party).

First, I need to mention that Lily's crib is right beside our bed. Corey and I take turns sleeping on her side of the bed and when it is your night, you get to do the late night pacifier popping or bottle making. Anyhoo, I was peacefully slumbering on my back when at 4:45 am, my eyes open and in the darkness I can just barely make out her round little face peering down at me from above. Her pacifier was in her mouth and she was standing in her crib, face directly above mine, looking at me. How sweet is that? I gave her a bottle and got her back down so her daddy could get more sleep while I got ready for work.

Corey told me that she never woke. He gently picked her up and while he was changing her diaper, her eyes stayed shut and she was holding onto toes softly uttering "uh-oh.....uh-oh......uh-oh".

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Corey said...

She is undoubtedly the cutest eveh!