Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring cleaning

I spent much of the weekend cleaning all the windows inside and out and washing all of the screens. This task was way, way overdue. Feels good to have it done!

spring cleaning


Bumble's Bounce said...

Um, so what do you consider LONG over due? I have lived here for almost 6 6 years too long?

Brook said...

Laura - you would not believe how good it feels to have clean windows! I can't believe how much brighter it is inside the house now. It just makes me feel cheerier. I was in shock how much dirt came off of them.

The psychological benefit alone was worth it!

Lisa T. said...

Oh I am so jealous! Time Time Time and hands and eyes to watch Henry!
Man! Good for you!

Doug said...

Yeah, I started that project but got stalled with only a handful of windows to go. Hopefully I'll get that done by next weekend.