Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cleaning out the inbox

I have been going back through my old emails and printing off all of the sweet emails we got from friends, family and total strangers when Lily first came into our lives. I want to save them so I can read them to Lily when she is old enough.
I came across this one, it made me teary and then laugh out loud. I have to preface it to say that Jennifer and Jeremy had been with us through the thick and thin of the adoption process. They had delivered a car seat to me at work just in time for us to drive down to North Carolina to meet a birthmother, only for her to change her mind and pick another couple. Living close and having lots of outgrown baby items at their disposal, they were the ones we contacted when we had "maybe babies". They suffered through our disappointments just as we did. They were the ones who drove us to the airport and kept our car while we flew to California for yet another "maybe baby".
Here is the email I received:

"I just got the pictures!! She's beautiful! You two look radiant holding her. She is right where she belongs, with her MOM & DAD!! When I saw the pics, it just hit me like a ton of bricks, so happy and somewhat relieved, will be totally relieved when you all are home with her. Glad no one is here (I'm at work) to see me blubbering like fool! Whoooooopeeeeeeeee!
BTW - the Prius does great burnouts! ;)

Jennifer and I think way too much alike. Case in point: this post on her blog.

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Butts said...

There you go making me cry again! I know how emotional it was just for us to watch you guys go through the adoption process, I cannot even fathom how hard it was to actually go through it! However in this instance the end most definitely justified the means!!

And we wouldn't have done so many burnouts in the Prius if that darn excelarator hadn't kept sticking!!!