Friday, February 5, 2010

Special, so spe-cial

My friend Laura and I were cracking up the other day about how every mom thinks her kid is exceptional. Your kid will do something new, and you'll be all "Oh my god! My kid is the smartest kid that ever lived!". I just find this so funny because every kid is exceptional and special in their own way. Kids mature at their own pace and it really means nothing in the whole scheme of life. When they walked or talked or popped a tooth won't make or break them getting into Harvard. I hate that it can be a competition between some parents. Sure, I think Lily is just the cutest/smartest/most adorable thing since sliced bread, but so does every mom. I don't think she is better than any other kid. It is important to me that Lily not get a big head and think she is better than anyone else. Well, in truth, Lily literally has a large head, but I digress... I may joke about her being perfect, but I hope people know that I'm just joking. I want her to grow up knowing that just like her, each and every person is special and unique in their own way. I just like to document her changes here on the blog so that her friends and relatives who live far a way can keep up with what she is up to. And maybe when she's older, she'll be interested to know when she popped her first tooth -for what that's worth.

Now, to add to the sheer randomness of this post, I have to add a photo of the cute little canary-yellow desk that I desperately want to buy from an antique store in town. I think it would be super cute in our bedroom in place of the thing we affectionately call the "wobbly table" I got from LTD years ago.

Table I covet

I am also eyeing some cute vintage suitcases at the same shop that I would like to use for photo shoots. I think I'm going to break down and get them.

More sheer randomness in web-cam form:

Yes, I have a Colt's logo on my cheek. We wore them at work today. And, I let my kid play with heavy metal objects.


Butts said...

I was just thinking about that today. I love to ramble on about my kids but I don't feel they are superior to other children. They are pretty much all awesome!! I just know them waaaaaaaay better than I do other kids!

Also, can't believe that Corey let you wear anything Colts. We have Colts temp tattoos we are putting on the kids faces Sunday! Go Colts!

Kirsten said...

I have family living many miles away in Western Canada & China, and they miss Chaisy terribly! It means so much to them that I post pictures & stories of the big & little moments in her life. :)

tc said...

Thanks for the blog. I don't live terribly far away, but it helps me get a Lily fix since she isn't able to here everyday to love on. And Brook, you should know more than anyone that my kids were and are special and are superior. BTW I noticed that cute yellow table has a sale tag on it.

Bumble's Bounce said...

Bumble can still out-pick a nose better than any other 3 year old I know! Boo-ya.

Lisa T. said...

I think we waited LONG enough for these kids to not feel bad about goin' on and on about them.

I love that Lil and Henry are back to back in age. She is always right behind him even though there is 7 weeks difference. I think she is pretty exceptional. Today I was talking about how excited I was for spring because we could have our meetings at the park and henry and lil can run around together. :) our babies.

I love the desk. It is really cute. I love the legs and all of the drawers.

alexis heimansohn said...

Agreed. But thanks alot for crushing my dreams of Chloe attending Harvard. I really thought her pooping talents were gonna get her somewhere :( She has been working on being a good, no, wait...... the BEST pooper her WHOLE life!

narly said...

I can't stop telling people that George now says "Uh-ohhh" :)

I know, it's a world class achievement...!

Corey said...


Don't rule out Harvard. If I'm not mistaken, that kid pooped 6-8 times New Year's Eve. That's an accomplishment even Harvard administrators cannot overlook.

Brook said...

Don't worry guys, I have no plans to stop talking about the little peanut anytime soon.

We're going to have to put her in training camp so she can give the pooper and the nose picker a run for their money!

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