Friday, February 26, 2010

10 Months

Dear Lily,

Just because

You are 10 months old. This past month has been quite exciting. You took your first steps and your second airplane ride. You are well on your way to being a world traveler! You travel so well these days, in the car or on a plane. We look forward to many fun family vacations in the years to come.

Things we want to remember about this age:

-You are cruising around the furniture, occasionally letting go and walking up to 10 steps or so toward whatever catches your fancy. Sometimes you make it and other times you fall down, but you never get very upset about it. You are so proud of yourself when you do this, laughing and smiling the whole way.

-You have a funny sound you make when you see a dog or cat. It is kind of a “kkkkkkkhhhhhhh” noise, kind of like you are hacking up a hairball. You reach out for the animal and make this noise with a big smile across your face. When we got back from out trip to California it was obvious that you had missed the animals. We are so happy that you appear to love our furry friends as much as we do.

-You still aren’t a great sleeper. You are usually waking up at least once a night. We are hoping you grow out of this soon.

-You are getting into playing with other kids. Your cousin little Lexi was visiting this weekend and you two had fun playing with your little ride-on car. You enjoyed pushing Lexi around on it. It was really cute.

-The things you are saying these days are “whoa” and just in the last few days “uh-oh!”. I would call "uh-oh" your first official word (is it a word?) because you say it all the time when you drop things. You definitely know what it means. You also say “mama" but don't put it together with me yet. We’re still working on “dada”.

-Your love for the TV remote has grown. You are obsessed, which is funny because we hardly ever watch TV while you are awake except for the Olympics, which we make and exception for.

-Speaking of the Olympics, wiping your nose should be an Olympic event. You act like we are killing you when we do it. We have to be very sneaky to get the job done.

-You LOVE getting into the cabinets and pulling things out. We installed a new hanging pot rack and you love it when we give you a wooden spoon and let you make beautiful music with the pots and pans.

Sweetie, in the years we spent waiting and hoping for you, we never imagined we could love you this much. The reality of you is better than we could have ever imagined.

Love, mama.


Corey said...
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tc said...

What a great, great family!

Corey said...

I do love her percussion skills, and I'm sure we'll learn to live with dents in all the cookware.

Butts said...

She's getting so big. Children are so much more than we ever expect in everyway!

Bumble's Bounce said...

Lily, you are the cutest little Lily we ever met! So happy to know you. You get smarter and smarter every single day! I cannot get over how big you've gotten:) You amaze us with your Skilz! Bumble ALWAYS wants to look at your pictures...and sometimes when she sees another baby...she says..."is thad Lily?" "I wanna see Lily"..I love that she "remembers" you, as much as a 3 yr old can...Happy 10 months little girl....looks like we need to plan another trip to INDY!

Nanny said...

I agree TC, a great family indeed!
Lily, I love animals too and you might have gotten the remote control thing from me, I don't like to tell people this but sometimes I fall asleep with it in my hand at night.

Becky at said...

she's growing up so fast! wow. happy 10 months lily. my baby girl is 12.5 mos and STILL not taking steps. HAH. BUT they do share an remotes. why do we even bother buying them toys? all i need is a box full of remotes.

narly said...

Too sweet, Brook :)

RusticOkie said...

Wow she has grown so much. You are quite the wonderful little family.