Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arrived safe

We are in California! It was a long journey that started at 2:45 am our time. At 4 am we drove on snow covered roads towards the airport and arrived at the gate just in time to walk on the plane. Corey had to drive through a big snow drift in the long term lot just to get the car parked. That is the closest we've ever come to missing a flight! It took longer than expected to get out of the house and then the drive took almost twice as long as usual, but we made it and that is all that matters.

Lily did really well on the flights, the ups and downs didn't phase her a bit. She really liked opening and closing the window shade, playing with the sky mall magazine, and slapping the monitor on the seat in front of her (which we were constantly having to stop her from doing).

Of course, the reason we are out here is to visit Lily's lovely birth family. Her Nanny was so excited to see her. Lily will get some Nanny/granddaughter time while Corey and I explore San Francisco a bit. Lily's aunt Tami graciously lent us a car so we can get around easier. We have tickets to the night tour of Alcatraz tomorrow. We got a few other good leads on things to see, but please leave a comment if you have any suggestions of things that we shouldn't miss.

Photos to come, I'm sure!

On another note, I have been getting a lot of anonymous spam comments and I have been deleting those as I get them. I found out that I accidentally deleted a legitimate comment accidentally. If I've done this to anyone else, I'm sorry! I may have to end up removing the anonymous comment feature altogether, if I keep getting so many spams.


Christine... said...

Hey! I live here in SF!! Have a great time exploring our beautiful city! Looking forward to hearing more about everything you will see and do here and of course...seeing your beautiful photos! HAVE FUN!

Nissy said...

Jim and I got married in San Francisco 4 years ago, we visited Alcatraz, we took a boat ride and saw Alcatraz..only Jim and I would visit Alcatraz on our wedding day! LOL! You have to visit China Town, I loved China Town!! We bought Jim's wedding ring at one of the shops there. I love all of the ethnic shops and food! You have to ride a trolley car of course! You have to visit the Golden Gate bridge. There were these cool gardens and everything was huge can't remember the name of the gardens, but they were on the outskirts of SF, if you look in any visitor tour book they should list the name of the place. Have fun!!!

Nissy said...

One more thing, there is a Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory that Jim and I didn't get to visit, I have included a link for you:

Later gators!

Lisa T. said...

Awesome, glad that you made it. I bet you need a weeks vacation just to rest from the trip out. Have fun seeing all of the cool stuff! We love San Francisco.
You must go to the Fairmont Hotel so you can go to the Tonga Room. It is also very pretty around there at night. There is a floating raft that comes out with a singer and band. It was awesome!

I'm not vegetarian but we ate some AWESOME vegetarian Chinese when we were there. I can't remember the name of it though...but the link above has tons of veggie restaurants listed.

have fun!

Jennifer said...

Sausalito is fun (it is just over the golden gate bridge) We really enjoyed that in our time with my brother. Also, you should enjoy the seals at the pier by Fisherman's Warf. There is a great seafood place there next to the carousel (Sorry, but I don't remember the name of it). Have fun a put up lots of pics!

Bumble's Bounce said...

I can only live vicariously through you! Enjoy your trip and your time with Nanny and the whole gang! Yahoo!

Etha said...

I took a trip to Muir Woods and saw the big Redwoods - awsome! China Town, Fisherman's Warf, Linden Street, Oriental gardens, cable cars, boat ride around the bay, Tower Hill. There are so many places. Hope you have great weather.

Linde said...

Hey Brook, hope you guys have a great time!! I visited SF a few years ago, okay like 10, my fav was the Palace of Fine Arts and Muir Woods. If you have time I highly suggest both!

Virginia Peach said...

Oooh! Have fun! I'd recommend Baker Beach for some really sweet views of the Golden Gate Bridge. There's also the "49 Mile Drive" that you can do which is pretty scenic :)

Virginia Peach said...

PS just saw your Flickr message- I've just got back a couple of hours ago from San Diego and my computer is being fixed so I'm all iPhone at the moment. I will reply over there.

Hez said...

Have a great time.
I got myself an account so I'm no longer anonymous