Monday, February 8, 2010

Daddy-daughter moments

Of course, they happen every day, but today I made note.

#1: This morning as I went into the bedroom on my way out the door, I could see Lily happily sleeping with her head resting on her daddy's shoulder, they were all curled up together in the bed. She had fussed shortly after I got up so Corey pulled her out of the crib and into bed with him. I felt all warm and cozy, thinking of them all cuddled up together, as I trudged out into the snow and off to work.

#2: While I was in the kitchen finishing up the dishes this evening, I could hear Corey loudly singing "Hollaback Girl" to Lil while they "folded" the laundry together.


#3: Yet another tickle attack.


#4: Even though it hurts like all get-out, Corey lets Lil reach in his shirt and pull on his chest hair. This is one of her new favorite things.



And just because it is funny, here is a photo from yesterday. Her hair has a mind of it's own these days.



Lisa T. said...

I pulled my dad's chest hairs too.
cute Daddy Corey

alexis heimansohn said...

Just when you thought chest hair had no purpose.

And it looks like Lily is has yet another career option, manscaping!!!

Bumble's Bounce said...

That little girl and those sweetie dimples! She is toooooo much! So cute!

tc said...

Oh boy that do!!! Corey don't let her take the scissors to Lily!!

Anonymous said...

Lily is gorgeous, I can't believe how quickly she is growing up.

Corey said...

I do love that hair....My chest hair that is.