Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just a note

I realized that people who don't know might be wondering about Lily's birthmom. At this time, Lily's birthmom is not interested in having contact with us. She has very limited contact with the rest of her family, as well. We were hoping that she might stop by while we were visiting but understand that she is not ready at this time. We want her to know that the door is always open and we would love for Lily to see her again if, or when, she feels ready.

Speaking of open adoption, I am so happy to say that some friends from our local support group, Matt and Eunice, have brought their baby boy home! I waited a while because I wanted to get their permission before posting but then I forgot I never posted about it! After having to spend a long few weeks in OH waiting for their paperwork to go through, they finally made it home. We cant wait to meet the little guy in a week or so. Congratulations Eunice and Matt!


Lisa T. said...

you're nice. I didn't ask for permission.

Nanny said...

We all hope that Lily's birthmom will have a relationship with her family and Lily some day. Yes indeed the door will always be open for her.
A warm congrats to Matt and Eunice!