Monday, May 18, 2009

Sorry, no pretty pictures

Unfortunately, my computer crashed a few days ago, so I have have not been able to post much. This is actually being typed into my phone at 3:42 am after feeding Lil.

We had a very nice welcoming party for Lily here yesterday, hosted by my amazing mother. She did a greatjob with the food and everything and the weather cooperated nicely! It was great getting to introduce Lily to many of our nearest and dearest. Lil slept much of the time, but I know she could feel the love. Hard to believe she is actually 3 weeks old as of yesterday! People who've seen her more than once keep saying how much she's grown and changed, just in the past week.

The other neat thing that happened this weekend is my mom started painting a beautiful mural on Lily's nursery wall. It is a cross- section of a pond, complete with Lily pads (for Lily's pad!). It is amazing already but next she is going to paint frogs and fish in the pond I can't wait! Mom hides her artistic tallents most of the time, so it is a special treat to have some of it right here on Lil's wall. I'll post pictures as soon as my computer is back up and running.

Okay, back to bed for me now. Night all!



Laura said...

:) Nice post, even without pics! Though, you know, I Can't wait to see her room, and pics from the party!

Kimberly Neumann said...

This is my first ever attempt at this modern techology - and only my deepest happiness and excitement for you could make me try! I have loved checking this site and am very, very happy for you. Lily is beautiful!

Lisa said...

oh goodness, we are sorry we missed it.
You know our situation though... no van, no go.

:) we miss you though, come hang out.?!
lisa T