Saturday, May 9, 2009

More friend encounters

Lil has had a very busy few days! She has met lots of family and friends who had eagerly awaited her arrival.

Double trouble

Who needs a Boppy when you have a Stinky?

Cousin Lexi doing a little happy dance for Lily

Lil spending some quality time with our good friend Doug

Friend, Annie, checking Lily out for the first time


Doug McKinney said...

I love the picture of the "Stinky bop." I remember you talking about that on Friday.

See you later!

cpainton said...

I love the animal pictures! They are so stinking cute! It also looks like you and Corey are making out like bandits on all the baby loot!

Heather M (Shutterup!) said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Brook. You are so deserving and blessed. I hope today is all that the past few years has been building up to for you. Enjoy and bask in the love!!!!!!!!!

Tonia said...



Ellen November said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of Lily in her new digs. Amazing how much baby paraphernalia suddenly fills your home when a baby arrives. I too would like to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day. Could there be a better one? Well, certainly the most special one.
My best, Ellen

Laura said...

So sweet and cute! I love seeing posts! I stalk your blog on a daily, if not, Tri-daily basis...waiting and hoping:) (no pressure)

The Stinky Bop, Does rock!