Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just realized that my pictures have been appearing kind of washed out when viewed on certain browsers. Hopefully I've fixed the problem by changing the way I've been saving them. Let me know if you think these look more saturated.

To KS who left a comment asking about adoptive breastfeeding: In short, my nurse practitioner prescribes medication to induce lactation. I do not produce enough yet to breastfeed exclusively, but I use an SNS to supplement with formula. I know that any amount of breastmilk I can provide is beneficial and breastfeeding also is a wonderful way to facilitate bonding between mother and child. I would be happy to tell you more about it. Feel free to email me at brookcorey@gmail.com .


Lisa said...

So sweet! She is pretty in green.

Henry has the swing that goes with that bouncer... we love the swing. very sturdy and versatile. It is a chair and toddler rocker.
I'll call ya tomorrow.

M@ said...

Have you heard about the milk bank in Indy? http://www.clarian.org/portal/IMMilkBank

Bobby said...

What a cute baby! I found your blog from the IAC forums. We are IAC clients as well, and our daughter Sabrina is about a week older then Lily. She was born on April 18th. Isn't it fun??

You can see pics on our blog.

Enjoy her she's beautiful!