Monday, May 11, 2009


Lily met her friend and adoption buddy Henry (Hank) for the first time today. Like Henry's mom says, with names like Lil and Hank, these two would have made a great old time wild west duo!

Showing off her dimple to try and catch Henry's eye...

The little buds holding hands.

So, it is two babies down for our group of adoption friends, 4 babies to go. Please keep these waiting families in your thoughts. Check out Henry's mom's blog here and the sweet posts she wrote about Lily can be found here and here.


Lisa said...

Oh man! you beat me to the post about them meeting!
I'm still doing mine though, I am catching up for the weekend.
How stinky button' doing tonight.
That so cracked me up today at the doctor's office!

Doug said...

Great pictures. They look so cute together! I've loved holding both of them and can't wait to see them both together.

It's funny that you guys were next door to each other at the pediatricians' office! I hope everything comes off okay.

See ya!

Laura said...

What a special little friend she'll always have in Hank! I cannot wait to hear their version of Jackson!

Lisa said...

Okay for giggles I googled hank and Lily OH MY GOODNESS I hope that is not how our sweet babies come to be.
lisa T

Laura said...

One word: Yowza!

jillian said...

Too cute! How wonderful that your children came along only a couple of months apart - you'll be able to share so much together.