Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun with Nanny and the gym

It was a little hard for Nanny to fess up about the sucker Lily enjoyed during their afternoon adventure.


Christina, Tiger and Joni left yesterday :( We had a really great time with them and just wish we lived closer so we could get together more often. I know I have said it time and time again, but we feel so fortunate to have these sweet ties to Lily's birth family. It is just the most amazing thing. So much love we all share for one special little girlie.

After they left, it seemed pretty quiet around here. Lily and I decided to head to the gym to meet Henry and Lisa for some tumble time. It was our first time there and boy, it was fun! Lily mainly just felt the place out. Henry did his best to show her the ropes. There were lots of balls to play with, so she immediately honed in on these. We also explored the foam block pit and the trampoline. I know as she gets more comfortable there, she will have lots more fun. Looking forward to going again next week.


Nanny said...

I miss all of you. I cried as I drove away yesterday. We all have a lot of great memories to take home. We had such a great time. Got to go to Nashville, IN. Met Jeremy, Jennifer and the kids (such nice people). B.Q. & Blues (my first bluegrass experience. Wasn't sure how to dance to it but it was fun. Met some really nice people there and got to see Brooke's wonderful parents again (what a great mom and dad you have Brooke!) Got to see Zack and family (Lexi danced up a storm) Steve, Lisa & Henry (what a handsome boy). Lily has grown so much. Me and Auntie Joni gave her a haircut. Yes, she loves to throw balls and anything she can get her hands on. She will be a great ball player. Corey and Brook,thanks for all your hospitality. We love you.

Tiger says: " I'm gonna miss you guys and I think Corey is going to miss me alot because I fed the chickens and he will miss me because he will probably want me to do some more work in the yard. I will miss you Brook because sometimes you made me laugh and because I liked those pancakes you made for me. I will also miss Lily because she is a goof ball."

Tami said...

The blue teeth and tongue are always the give away for stealth lollipops.

Nanny, next time floss and brush her teeth afterward.

Bumble's Bounce said...

Look at Gramma Tami Giving the Granny scoop on how to hide spoiling! AWESOME-NESS! What are your other secrets...TELL US!

Tami said...

Give them Popsicle while they are in the tub or shower. The child stays in the water longer and any mess goes down the drain.

You can also give then the old bucket of water and paint brush to paint the fence or house.

Here's one I don't recommend. I heated many pots of water to turn a small swimming pool into a hot tub for my boys. they stayed in their all of three minutes :-)