Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Ties

We have some special guests visiting us at the moment. Lily's Nanny, cousin Tiger and Aunt Joni are spending a few days with us. As you may know, these are some of the members of Lily's birth family.

We always have such a great time when we are together. Christina and Joni are just some of those fun loving people who makes friends wherever they go. Wouldn't you know it, they wound up hugging a perfect stranger they met while dancing at BBQ and Blues! I love it.


Looking forward to a few more days together before they head back to California.


virginia said...

Love this picture, it's very special. Hope you're all having a lovely time together, certainly looks like it!

Bumble's Bounce said...


Great photo! One I know they'll cherish!

Lisa T. said...

It was great seeing them again. Christine is just so warm. How wonderful that your lives have come together with lovely Lily as the bond.
I really think they are such good people.
Hope you have a great couple of days left.

Tami said...

Hey Sisters, you photograph beautifully!

Wish I was there with y'all.

Brook said...

Wish you were here, too, Tami.

elder2 said...

that's a real neat picture. Tiger looks like a real cool guy in it.