Monday, September 6, 2010

16 Months


This is the view I get of Lily most of the time these days. She is always on the go, running here or there. She is a very busy little bee.

Things to note about her right now:

She is really into shoes. She wants to wear them all of the time. She gets plain giddy when we even mention the word "shoes". She rushes to her shoe basket, pulls some out (usually not a matched pair, I might add) and plops down into our lap for the fitting, giggling the entire time. She gets REALLY angry if she tries one on and can't quite get it on her foot. She stomps and screams and throws herself on the floor over it.

When you hold her, she pats or rubs your back. This might seem like a little thing, but it is so sweet, I can't stand it.

Each day when Corey comes home from work, she runs to the window and hides below sill. When her daddy gets close, she pops up and laughs. Then Corey does it. They play this game over and over.

She loves to give kisses.

Life with her gets sweeter by the day.


Nanny said...

countdown....3 days till we get there!!!! Then I get to see the real deal!!

Tami said...

She sounds wonderful!

It is so much fun when they are mobile and starting to show more of their sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

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Bumble's Bounce said...

She is getting so big, and that beautiful hair! Just keeps getting longer! You all have a sweet family, that is for sure!

Susannah said...