Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Come on down!

Music + Meat (or a veggie side of your choice)

The 2nd annual BBQ and Blues event is scheduled for September 11th from 2-8pm at McCormick's Creek State Park.  We are anticipating an even bigger turnout this year, after last year's tremendous success. You can read my post detailing last year's event here and watch my niece getting down to the beat here.

If you are looking for some fun and good food that weekend, we'd love to see you there! Some of Lily's birthfamily (Nanny, Tiger and an auntie) will be visiting from California, making it extra special. We'd love to have our friends from near and far join us and meet the California wing of our family.

The event is free but food is extra. Admission to the park is $5 per car (in state), $7 per car (out of state). Bring a lawn chair or blanket but you probably won't need it because we expect you to spend all of your time getting down and dancing like nobody is watching. We can't wait!


Corey said...

This is a really great time! Awesome food, great tunes, cool cars, and lots of dancing!

Lisa T. said...

We had a great time last year and we will certainly try to make it this year so the kids can dance and share goldfish crackers. :)

Alexis Heimansohn said...

Putting it on the calendar fo sho! It is about time Miss Chloe grooves to some live music :)

virginia said...

here's where I wish we lived closer :(

Nanny said...

Can't wait!! we're counting the days
Will definitely have on my dancing shoes! Virginia, I'll pack you in my suitcase if you like. I don't think you live too far from me.