Monday, September 21, 2009

BBQ and Blues

The BBQ and Blues event that Corey came up with was a success! The best guess at attendance was around 500-600. They ran out of BBQ twice and had to get more.

Lily's bud, Henry and his family made a surprise appearance.

We camped out at the park this weekend, it was Lil's first camping experience. We wanted to start her out young and she did very well.

Corey's parents joined us, along with my brother Zack, his wife Monica and their little girl Lexi.

Lil did a lot of dancing to the blues with mamaw and me, it really tuckered her out...


Lisa said...

I love the picture of Henry.
hahah. It was a great time.
I need to post my couple.
Lisa T.

Tami said...

Wow Corey, you knocked that one out of the park!

Corey said...

Poor Lil also received her first mosquito bite. :(

Ellen November said...

Could she be any more beautiful?
Great new photos!

chrissy said...

corey, I guess BBQ's, Blues, babies and mosquitos all go together. What a great event you pulled off. Looked liked everyone had a great time and tons of food. The masses must have come from all over Indiana. What can I say, sounds like I missed a great time. I wish I had a Lear Jet! Zoom Zoom Zoom!
Henry looked so cute in the picture, I loved his hat. Lil looked liked a sleepy little angel.

Butts said...

that pic of Lil sleeping makes my heart melt. I just want to kiss her sweet little lips. Her inaugrual mosquito bite, the first of many more to come, unfortunately!