Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Things I need to do:

Edit pictures from 2 photo sessions.
Pick up the house, especially upstairs. It's starting to look like an episode of "Hoarders" up there.
Get thing in order for a yet-to-be-scheduled garage sale.
Finish painting the inside of the camper.
Scoop cat litter.
Water plants.
Pack for the kid's concert Lily and I are going to in half an hour.

What I'm doing instead:

Surfing the web.
Blogging random things that nobody really cares about.
Watching Lily push herself around the room on her stomach like a crab.


Doug said...

So what did you decide about decorating the camper?

Brook said...

Lemon curtains - not lemon yellow, lemon, lemons! Green for the cushions. Outside will probably stick with white on top and a nice yellow on the bottom. Not too out there, I'm afraid. I started painting the inside white but life keeps getting in the way :(

Bumble's Bounce said...

I. cannot. Wait. To. see. the. pics!!!!!!!

Lisa T. said...

Kids concert! That sound cool!
lemons sound fresh.

I want to have a garage sale too but can't bring myself to get it together.

Brook said...

Lisa - I heard about the concert from the mom's meetup group. I'll send you the info. I'll let you know whenever I get the garage sale stuff together, you're welcome to bring your stuff over here for it.

Nanny said...

Love it! I started to think something was wrong with me until I read the what I'm really doing list. Then I realized I must be normal after all, because the second list is pretty much what I'm doing right now minus the lily crab crawl. LOL
Speaking of Lemons. My lemon tree is sprouting up lots of little green lemons. Can't wait till they turn yellow!