Saturday, August 21, 2010



This year we have been noticing an excessive amount of butterflies, especially tiger swallowtails.  We were walking the trails behind our house this evening and it was better than any butterfly sanctuary I've ever paid to visit.  There were thousands upon thousands of them!

Lily thought the butterflies were okay, but was even more interested in a walnut that her daddy found and gave her.  She was intrigued by the smell of it.  She kept sniffing it, and making me sniff it.



She carried it the entire way, throwing it every so often. Then we would have to search for it.


I tried to take some videos to capture the sheer volume of butterflies.  They don't show up real well, but if you look close, you can see them flitting around.

Lily walked almost the entire way and her little red cheeks prove it. I was so proud of her.


This photo is blurry, but I love it anyway. Thanks for capturing it for me, Corey.



Tami said...

Interesting, the butterflies in our area seem to be getting less and less. Maybe they are all flying to your neck of the woods :)

virginia said...

So pretty! We hardly have any butterflies around here but then there's a lot of agriculture so I have a feeling it's due to pesticides. Such a shame. You're so lucky to have all those trails behind your house, I would kill to have access to that!

Jillian said...

In the first video, the butterflies are beautiful, but what I really love is Lily walking away on the path... too cute...

Cami said...

good times

Doug said...

I've been noticing the butterflies this year, but didn't really think about how many of them I've been seeing until this morning. I'm watering for friends while they are on vacation and I was "attacked" by a dozen black and yellow swallowtail butterflies who seemed to think I smelled pretty good! :)

They are everywhere in our neighborhood (and I LOVE IT!).

Nanny said...

Well the butterflies must all be back there because they sure aren't here. I rarely see them anymore. When I was a little girl they were everywhere. We would go out and try to catch them in jars all the time.

Corey said...


Maybe that's why you don't see them anymore!

Nanny said...

Very funny Corey......