Thursday, July 29, 2010

When it rains...

I was having some trouble with one of my new lenses so Canon offered for me to send in my camera and all of my lenses in for a check and calibration. I freaked a bit, at the thought of sticking all of my expensive and much loved gear in one box and shipping it off to who-knows-where, but in the end, I did it. Hopefully I'll have it back within a week and everything will be fine and dandy.

ALSO, my monitor color issues are still plaguing me. I spent a few hours on the phone with technical support for my color calibration device, and later Apple. The verdict is that there is probably something wrong with my video card. I'm bringing my computer in for service tomorrow and it will hopefully only be gone for a week or so, as well. As you would suspect, I probably won't be posting again for a bit. So, I decided I'd better get one last post up before my MacBook goes on vacation.

Important news...

My handsome hubby made a big potato haul from the garden. 68 lbs, if memory serves.


It has been terribly hot, so we have been trying to keep Lily cool.


My friend Lex surprised me with this BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork. She (or maybe her husband, I can't remember for sure) took this photo of us back when Lily was only a month or two old. It is hard to see the detail and dimension in the paper cuts with this photo, but I took another one to try and show it a little better. I love it so much!



I hope these photos look okay, I can't tell what they will look like due to the weird color casts on my MacBook. Yuck!


virginia said...

you poor thing.... I *really* hope it all gets fixed for you!

Anonymous said...

stunning! Lex is a true friend. This must of been alot of work. Just beautiful.

mom rieman said...

brook, this has not been letting me post for the last couple of months. Just in case it doesn't have a name this is mom rieman.

Tonia said...

What a treasure from your friend! It's beautiful!!!

I also love the picture of Lily in the sprinkler.

Looks like your garden is doing well.

Brook said...

I just reread my post and realized that I had not made it clear that Lex actually hand crafted the paper cut creation, cutting and placing each piece just so. It's gorgeous.

Nanny said...

Lex, the artwork is beautiful. Corey
Your garden is producing tons! Brook I like the way you captured the yellow flowers in the background. Yeah, corey even with the flowers in the background you still look like a manly man. My tomatoes are just starting to turn red.