Friday, July 9, 2010

Phone obsession

For a month or so, Lily has been pretending everything is a phone. Be it a playing card, TV remote, book, whatever. She picks it up and holds it up to her ear with a casual, "Whoa" (Lily's version of "Hello"). I have to say, it is pretty adorable. Generally, we don't let her talk on the cell phone because my mom has me worried about the radiation and its unknown effects on kiddo's brains. Today was an exception when I was talking to Corey's mom and as I said "bye", Lily said "bye bye". I had to call Mamaw right back so Lily could tell her bye bye. She never actually said it again, but she sang "Row Row Row Your Boat" with her and talked (mostly listened) for a bit. Too cute. I had to take a photo.



Butts said...

It is so fun when they can start talking to grandparents and cousins on the phone. At first you can tell it is confusing, like, how did grandma fit into that phone man???

Nanny said...

can't wait to talk on the phone to Miss Lily!

Tami said...

Next thing you know - she will be texting and wanting an iphone.

mamaw said...

enjoyed singing with Lil. I noticed she has another new tooth. She is adorable. Tell Lil that Gracie say's Hi!

k,lm nmmmjh,l.,k(Grace's version of Hi Lily)