Friday, July 2, 2010

Tap tap tap... anybody still there?

Things have been kind of quiet on the blog front lately. The month of June was just about the craziest month of my life. It felt like we had something going on every second of every day. On top of that, I've had lots and lots of images that need edited for clients and then my monitor decided to get out of whack. Ugh. Bad month.

Luckily, the forecast for July calls for lots of pool time at the park and play dates with friends :)

Right now, we are on a much needed weeklong vacation in Tennessee with my parents and my brother's clan. We rented a cabin in Townsend, just outside the entrance of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Our cabin is overlooking a pretty river where we have spent a lot of time hanging out in tubes and splashing around with the kiddos. The men folk have been fishing for trout, among other fish, with fair success.

Today, my parents babysat while Corey and I went on a hike together in the park. We are pretty out of shape, so we only made it about 5 miles. To our credit though, 2.5 of those miles were uphill. The hike followed a picturesque cascading creek. See?

Smokies Vacation_0019

See again?

Smokies Vacation_0022

We stumbled across this guy on the trail.

Smokies Vacation_0016

*rattle rattle* Yikes!

Smokies Vacation_0016a

Then we happened upon this butterfly party.

Smokies Vacation_0008

And finally, I'll leave you all with some lovely cell phone video from our hike to enjoy...


Corey said...

For the record, we could have made it much further if we brought some granola bars and more water. The fishing was mediocre, but just being able to fish all the time was great. Awesome hike and my first rattlesnake!

Virginia said...

^^^That's further than I can walk these days. I pushed the stroller for like a mile yesterday and wanted to crawl under a rock, but then it was 98 degrees outside, so maybe that's a bit of an excuse.

Super lovely pictures of the stream. And I hear you about June, it was a crazy month for us too.

Nanny said...

Okay I was thinking what a beautiful place until that pic of the rattler! Yikes, I just hate snakes!!!! Okay, now I calmed down, glad u guys had a nice relaxing time. And Yes this summer has been crazy busy. I can't believe it's already July.

Alexis Heimansohn said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time and a much needed vacation! The photos of the creek are to die for, luv em. Can't wait for you to get home, miss talking with ya. Have fun Tarzan and Jane, AaaaAaaAaaa (tarzan yell)

Tami said...

How wonderful that you get to spend time all together. The place is beautiful. I miss those days when we could just take off with the boys.

We are watching "Footloose" tonight. I can't believe this movie is thirty years old. I don't miss the big hair and the "mom" jeans although I'm sure I have pictures where I'm wearing both.

Brook said...

Tami - Footloose is one of my all time favorites! Mom jeans all the way!!

Lex - Miss talking to you too. A week without cell service has been strange!

Nanny - We'll be sure to do a thorough snake check of the property before your visit ;)

Virginia - 98 degrees is definitely an excuse in my book!

Corey - How could we be so out of practice with hiking that we forgot the granola bars? Crazy.

Aimee said...

Oh, the Smokies! Enjoy. We usually stay in Townsend too, if we're not staying in the park.

So happy you're all having a good time. (By the way, even the girls can go 5 miles--with the help of well timed jelly bellies..)

Anonymous said...

The whole Tarzan / Jane thing ... I'm thinking the rattler was the one who needed to be afraid (be very afraid) ha ha ha.

mom rieman said...

Those are super cool photos of the stream. Wish I could be at that part of the trip, but no so much with the snake. I am glad you are excited about it but I just can't join in the enthusiasm (sp). It sounds like it was relaxing like vacations were intended to be. Love you guys!