Wednesday, July 14, 2010



I know, I know. You can't believe what an amazing artist I am, right? You never knew I was so handy with a pen! We'll now you know.

I had no other way of illustrating the fantastically crazy thing that happened today. Lily went behind the old LazyBoy Recliner that Corey insists we keep in the living room even though it doesn't fit. So she is back there where I can't see her, and all of the sudden she starts whining. Like, an "I'm stuck" kind of whine. I know it well.

So I walk over there, and this is the scene I find. Her diaper stuck on the reclining handle, all the way through both legs. She looked like a kabob. What made matters worse (much worse) was the diaper. You guessed it, it was poopy.

Stay at home mommyhood ROCKS!

Seriously, it does :)


Bumble's Bounce said...

Um, this is perfect. You failed to mentioned..
Laura's phone: {ring}
Laura: Hello
Brook: Hi...{SHRIEK} Ah, uh, EW! Uh, I gotta go...I gotta go, I'll call you later.....

I was trying to visualize your description, this drawing helped greatly. Thanks.

Eunice said...

LMAO!The visual was the best. Maybe Corey will now get rid of the recliner :). Or at least replace the handle.

narly said...

1) Remove Lil' from La-z-boy

2) Do not clean or wipe the handle

3) Wait for Corey to get home, tell him to get comfy and have a seat on the La-z-boy

4) Give him a nice cold beer and ask him to put his feet up

5) Laugh like you have never laughed before when he gets an fist full of Lil's squishings :)

Corey said...

Love the graphics there! Just another adventure with Lily!

Eunice- the chair stays, forever (sorry Brook)

Narly- not cool man, not cool. Plus, if she did something like ask me to get comfy or bring me a beer, I would immediately know something wasn't right.

Lisa T. said...

ha! I love it. They poop when you really don't want them to sometimes. I'm sure it was uber humiliating for her even if she is just a spit over 1. Henry gets very shy when he poops, so I can only imagine how poor lil was feelin'.
Stuck. I think she needs a hug from Hank. So funny!
"narly" had the right idea about the handle.

ginnypeach said...

Thanks, I just spat my milk all over the keyboard. Not as messy as your situation, but something that needs to be cleaned nonetheless! Lil rocks.

Linde said...


Butts said...

HIL-LARIOUS! You just can't make this stuff up!

Tonia said...

OMG Brook - this is hilarious! Probably scared the sh*@ out of her. LOL!!

tc said...

Brook this even better than a photo. I don't know narly, but I like the way he thinks. Maybe you could illustrate what that may look like??
mom rieman

Susannah said...

This is so freaking funny. I can only imagine the look Lil was giving you. That "I can't move and I don't know why..." Thanks for the graphics. It would not have had the same effect without it.

Tami said...

This is an America's funniest home video moment. I think you should submit your drawing to the show.

Nanny said...

Narly...that was hilarious!! I can't tell you all the visuals that were going on in my head reading all this. Excellent graphics brook.
I kept picturing this as an episode on SNL. Too funny.

Doug said...

Ha! I loved the drawing even better than a picture. :) Keep that one in the diary until she starts to date. (insert evil grin)