Monday, November 2, 2009


What a beautiful day it was. Lily and I took a stroll with the dogs on the trail behind our house. All along the path the goldenrod has gone to seed. Gone are the orange-yellow blooms, they've already given way to the cottony seed heads as the plant dies back for the year. This might seem like an ugly sight, but in reality, they looked absolutely magnificent. The dead stalks glowed luminescent in the last, long rays of sunlight.


All was quiet except for the crickets and the crunching of leaves and the dogs panting. Soon we scared up a deer, a doe, who bounded a safe distance away and turned to keep an curious eye on us as we passed. The quiet didn't last long, as Lily let out a squeal of laughter as the dogs ran back and forth on the trail to catch a whiff of the doe's scent. As we walked, Lily held my index fingers tightly in her hands, kicking her chubby legs and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells around her. As we got to the end of the trail, we were greeted by a pack of friendly golden retrievers who's owner let get a little too far ahead. They were off lead, but who was I to complain, so were Chloe and Tater. Soon she called them and we turned around for home.

I love fall. It is definitely my favorite time of year. How neat it is to have Lily and experience the beauty of fall for the first time again, through her eyes.




Lisa said...

Pretty Girls!

elder2 said...

wow, I love the milk weed picture - and you two look really cut too!

chrissy said...

What beautiful pictures. I love the fall too. So many pretty colors and interesting textures.
Sounds like you two girls had a beautiful day together.
Brook you are a very poetic writer.
You should be an Author.

Laura said...

Chrissy, I keep telling Brook she should write a book too!

Anonymous said...

I too tell Brook she needs to write a book or two. You are always bringing tears to my eyes when I read the things you write. I am definately blessed to have you be such a huge part of our family. I love you all.

Fall is absolutely the most magnificent. It is way too short lived. I can take it year round.

Give my sweetums a big old smooch for me.

Ellen November said...

Thank you for sharing your stunning shots. I know every time I go to Babbles by Brook, I'll leave with a giant smile. So happy for your family!

Laurel said...

We recently went to a fund raiser for an organization where photography by professional photographers was auctioned. I didn't see any as good as many of your pictures. The one of the weed in this post is a good example, as are many of Lily.