Friday, November 13, 2009

And then there were four...

Four babies in our adoption group, that is!

Our friends Heather and Philippe have adopted their twins! Lisa already wrote all about it and I couldn't do it any better than her, so I'll just post my photos from the meet 'n greet.

The group.

Proud mommy.
Heather and Sylvie

Lisa falling in love.
Lisa and Sylvie

Peter falling in love.
Peter and Etienne

Auntie Lise falling in love.
Lise and Sylvie

The big kids.
Double trouble

Mr. Cutie Face.
Little man

These two got the memo: "Wear green hoodies today".
The OTHER twins

We couldn't be happier for our friends Heather and Philippe. They are such an adorable little family already. I'm kicking myself for not getting any good close-up shots of those two beautiful babes. No worries though, with friends like Lisa and I, those babies will be sick of the camera in no time :)


Lisa said...

Yeah your, pictures kicked my pictures butt. I've been in a slump the last two weeks. Can't get things right...
Love these! Good job!

Nanny said...

A very big congratulations Philippe and Heather on your twins!!

Katy said...

What a wonderful way to start a Monday!!! I am tearing up all over the place. So happy to see good thing happening. Makes this overcast day seem bright and sunny. Please share my congrats!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful, beautiful babies. Tell them congrats for me. Its funny that Lil and Henry are the "big" kids. TC

Laura said...