Friday, November 13, 2009

A much needed makeover

The nature center at the park has had a complete overhaul. The grand opening was last Friday and of course, Lily and I had to attend. There is now a simulated cave,

A turtle run:
Turtle run

A guess by feel station:
Guess by feel

Lily found the snakeskin inside. She liked the sound it made when she squished it:

She also got to see what she would have looked like as a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps:
CCC worker

She got to be one of the first kids to slobber on the puppets:
Mmmm skunk!

And she tried being a Naturalist:
Future naturalist

There are many more cool exhibits. We can't wait to bring our family and friends when they visit.

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elder2 said...

the naturalist thing is hillarious!