Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 months

Getting ready for the hunt

Lily, 2 days ago, you turned 7 months old. Wow. I have a kid who is more than half a year old. Crazy!

The biggest thing that happened over the last month is that you became mobile. You are scooting all over the joint. It is hard to keep your little hands out of places they are not supposed to be.

You are in a "mommy phase" right now. You love spending time with daddy but when you don't feel good or are really upset, you want mommy to cuddle you close. Daddy still makes you light up like a Christmas tree. When you hear the door click when he gets home, you immediately start looking toward the kitchen. Daddy usually sneaks in as quietly as he can and then pokes just his head around the corner with a big, silly grin on his face. This makes you smile back with a huge grin of your own and then the deep "heh heh heh" laughs start. You continue like that until daddy sweeps you up into his arms and gives you a big kiss. After that, you usually end up on his shoulders as he walks around the house.

You are paying more attention to books, reacting to the words and reaching for the pictures. You also really like to suck on board books. They don't seem like they'd be very tasty, but you seem to love them.

Other things about this age that I want to remember:

You love fresh mangoes.
You are starting to mimic us when we eat. It is so funny, we'll look over and there you are, chewing up pretend food with pretend little teeth (in reality, you are still all gums). Here is a video of you doing this:

You walk all over if we hold both of your hands. You are still rather unsteady but love to do it anyway.
You pull yourself up on things like you co-sleeper, and mommy and daddy.
You are making more and different sounds. Your current fave is "agooo gooo goo!".

We love you sweet pea.


Nanny said...

I love you too sweet pea.
Funny, I found myself chewing as I watched Lily chewing nothing. I guess we all have a tendancy to mimick the things we watch without even realizing it.

Laura said...


Corey said...

Love it.