Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New hen house

The coop Corey worked so hard to build this spring has started to fall apart. This was no fault of Corey's, it was the design. The boards were just not substantial enough to support moving it all the time. The time had come to make a better abode for the winter. Corey (with the help of his friend, Jeremy) built this coop over the last few weeks. It even has a layer of insulation all the way around it to keep the hens toasty warm in the winter. Lucky chickens indeed.


Lily loves watching the chickens scratch and look for tasty little bugs.


We also hung up Lily's new swing today. A hand-me-down from our friends Jeremy and Jennifer.


And since it is fall and the colors are so pretty, I had to take a few more portraits of the girl wearing a special sweater given to her by her great-aunt Sandy.




Corey said...

I love my girl.

chrissy said...

Me too Corey.
Love the sweater. Also the little tummy popping over her pants. I guess there's been no problems with her trying to feed her.
Looks like Fall is definitely in the air.
Nice job on the chicken coop Corey.

Tiger would like to say something:
I wish that I was there to see the chicken coop. I miss the dogs cant wait to see them and the cats to and you miss you all and Lily .P.S cant wait to take Corey's job when I am 20 years old .Love Tiger P.S. My real name is Isaiah.

Tami said...

Lilly your Mommy is a crackerjack photographer!

elder2 said...

Great pics. Can't wait to see her this weekend!

Brook said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. Tiger - you are so funny! Miss you too!

suzzcq70 said...

Hi there1 i found your blog through the domestic adoption group on Ravelry :)

Lily is just adorable. Your old posts of when you met her brought back so many memories of meeting our son Jackson when he was 11 hours old.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!

Lisa said...

Darn it! I didn't get my fall photos of henry posted first!

The chicks new house is really cute!

We need to get together soon.