Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daddy - daughter time

Lily has spent the last 2 days home with Corey as our sitter had her wisdom teeth removed.

Corey has been learning some lessons on how hard it is to keep up with the house and a 6 month old at the same time. Here is what happened after he ran into the laundry room to start a load of clothes:

Apparently the computer was a lot more interesting than the bottle she was working on.


Butts said...

I find after a day or more of being alone all day with the kids that my husband is much more appreciative and helpful to me. Always a good thing to let Daddy go it alone from time to time!

elder2 said...

She's just copying what she sees mommy and daddy playing with all the time.

chrissy said...

does this mean Lily will be getting her own laptop?
I can just see it now, Brook on the glider, Corey sitting on the left corner of the couch and lily in the green chair or on the right side of the couch all with your laptops. LOL!!