Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adoption friends

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know what our adoption support group means to us. Our group is not formal, it is just a group of friends who live in the same area and found each other through our adoption agency. We are 6 couples strong and we sure have been through a lot together. I have cried with these people in my weakest moments and celebrated with them in our happiest. We can't imagine going through all of this without our them. They have been there, suffered through the same trials and tribulations, and they just understand.

As I have said before, we want nothing more than for all of us to have our babies. I am happy to report that our little group of 6 couples has quite a bit going on these days. One couple happily have their baby (Henry), two couples are matched with potential birthmothers, and another couple is pursuing other (non-adoption) avenues to parenthood.

The one couple in our little group that is still ready and waiting to meet a potential birthmother is Jim and Nissy. I actually met Nissy at a doctor's office way before our adoption group came along. We became fast friends in the waiting room and shared contact info. We kept in touch and low and behold, here we are in the same little group of adoption folks. Jim and Nissy are wonderful, warm, fun people and their baby will be SO loved and cherished.

I would like to take the time to also mention one other couple that is patiently waiting to complete their family. Julie and Daniel are from Wisconsin and we met them through our agency at a weekend workshop. This couple has a little boy who desperately wants to big a big brother. We are hoping that very soon, his wish comes true.

If you know of someone interested in making an adoption plan for their child, please let them know about these 2 wonderful families who have so much love to give.


chrissy said...

What a beautiful letter and reminder Brook. I had the very special privledge of meeting some of the couples from the Adoption group when I visited Indiana and they were all some of the most wonderful, sweet and caring people I have ever met. My thoughts are with all of you and I hope the day comes very soon when each and everyone of you will be able to hold your new one in your arms.

Anonymous said...
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melissa said...

Hello! Every so often I check out your blog You guys look truely happy. I was curious what other non-adoption ways for parenting you were talking about. Some of the couples from that first meeting in Feb have adopted and I continue to hope and pray that everyones get to experience the happiness we are now experiencing.
Melissa (Stan & Josh)