Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Pier

On Saturday, Lily and I joined in the dedication of a fishing pier at one of my dad's parks. It is pretty neat because this is a special pier designed to make fishing more accessible for people with disabilities. The design includes tackle box rests and slots in the railing to allow for fishing poles to reach the water from a lower height.

Here, my dad is helping give the dedication speech:

Next is the official aquatic seed toss:

and finally, Lily enjoying a little grandma time:


Lisa said...

That's great!
:) lisa t.

laura said...

Um, ok, so the pictures are wonderful as usual, and the post is fabulous, so Lily usually makes me all teary and happy...um...well....there is NOTHING like an accessible fishing dock to get me all blubbery! I'm a sucker for anything that gives more independence to people who use wheel chairs..... Love it!

chrissy said...