Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Making great strides

This past weekend, we made a hastily planned trip to Wisconsin to see my grandpa. He had just had surgery to remove blood that was trapped on his brain. This kind of thing is extremely serious for anyone, let alone someone who happens to be 93 years old. He is recovering much in the same way as if he'd had a stroke. He is having to re-learn everyday things, like eating and talking. His progress is surprising everyone. The doctors were questioning if he would ever be able to eat again, then the next day, he ate potatoes. His speech is improving and he's even surprised us with some of his old funny comebacks. He is having a lot of trouble wish his short term memory, though.

He loved seeing Lily. He lit up when she came in the room, even wanting to hold all 18 lbs of her. That was great to see. He's always loved babies. I wasn't sure if he knew exactly who she was when I told him "This is your great grand-daughter, Lily". He still looked a little confused. Then I said "From California, remember, we went and got her in California?". His eyes got bright, "This is HER!", he said.

great grandpa and lil

great grandpa and lil


Kendra said...

Those are precious pictures. I lost the last of my grandparents about 5 years ago, and I wish that I had taken more pictures.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful Brook!


laura said...

totally teary looking at this post, after we talked.... great pics, and a truly treasured moment:)

chrissy said...

Best wishes to your grandpa Brook. Our grandparents are such treasures. They are such a part of who we are. I'm glad you get to spend time with him and that he is able to meet Lily and spend time with her also.
I often think of my grandparents who are no longer here and I cherish all the memories, stories and times spent together.

Nin of Peachy Hollow said...

There's nothing like a baby to light up a room. I hope your Grampa feels better soon xx

Lisa said...

He can still pucker and give her a kiss and that means a lot! and eat potatoes!

Great to see that the best possible outcome does happen. :)

Take care,
Lisa T.