Monday, September 28, 2009

Five months

My sweet little thing, you turned 5 months old on Saturday! Here are the things we want to remember about you at this age:

-You love holding onto one foot with each hand and then, eventually, chewing on them.

-At this point, sometimes your jabbering sounds more like loud complaining. Hopefully that isn't how you really feel.

-You are rocking like you want to crawl and moving your arms and legs in the correct way, but can't actually move yet. You can, however, scoot backwards while laying on your back.

-You are reaching for toys and getting really frustrated when you can't quite reach them.

-Everyone swears you're teething, but no teeth in site yet. Just lots of chewing and lots of drooling.

-You love to reach out and "pet" any animal that is unfortunate enough to walk by. I say "unfortunate" because your "petting" involves a lot more hair pulling then we would prefer. So far, they've all been pretty good sports about it.

-If we sit you down on your butt, you can sit up for quite awhile before eventually teetering over. You look really proud of yourself while doing this. If you are holding a toy, it ruins your concentration and you usually fall right over.

-You are getting to be a real daddy's girl. You light up whenever he walks in the room and smile at him any chance you get. I have never seen your dad happier.

-You are a jumping fool. So much so, that you have what we are referring to as "jumper's toe", where the skin is getting a tad bit peely from all the jumping.

-You've got more personality to your laugh these days. More of a belly laugh than before.

-The first ever solid food you ate was a piece of dried up old leaf that you picked up out of the grass as mommy was changing you. I tried to fish it out, but couldn't get all the little pieces out in time.

-You grunt and sigh a lot.

-Peekaboo sends you into fits of giggles. Especially from across the room. You also love playing patty cake.

-Crinkly stuff makes you really happy. Especially paper.

You are everything we could have asked for and more. We love you to the moon and back,

Love, mommy.


Butts said...

I guess you read the book!
Love the monthly posts. Write down as much as you can, it's amazing how much you forget.

laura said...

THIS is my favorite necklace, I've been asking Berk for it for over a year.... Maybe this Christmas?! I think it's super sweet!

chrissy said...

5 months....she's doing new things everyday. I love reading your beautiful letters to Lily. They will mean so much to her when she is older.