Friday, August 28, 2009

Silly face

This face she makes cracks me up to no end. I think she does it because it makes us laugh.

Yesterday was her 4 month doctor's visit. They said she is actually closer in size to the average 6 month old, as she is off the charts now on height and weight. I asked, but they said it isn't really a problem since she is proportionate. She's just a big for her age.

The doctor did his usual poking and prodding and she laughed each time he moved her legs in and out to check her hips. She thought that was really funny. He said she is doing all of the things that she should be doing at this age: rolling over, reaching for things, laughing, etc.

In other news, I bought a spinning wheel. I've had my eye on one for a long time and after selling some things on ebay and other places, I finally decided to get one. It is an inexpensive one, as far as wheels go, but it is absolutely adorable. I think it fits my personality as it is quirky, efficient, and, of course, there is the cute part... I can't wait to try it out this evening.


Corey said...

Just picked up the wheel from the park office.

elder2 said...

yikes, I think she will be a comedian!

chrissy said...

I just love that face. Lily, you are such a funny girl.
Congrats on the spinning wheel brook.
Hope today was a an especially good day.

The Bossy Yankee said...

Lilz is so smart! Love that girl!

Congrats on the new spinning wheel!