Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tomorrow will be a SUPER SPECIAL day for our little family. I'll fill you in tomorrow night!!

And just because, here is a picture that I love that I don't think I had ever posted before. Her cheeks and little chin kill me. She looks so much like her birthmother.


Corey said...

O.K. I couldn't avoid it any longer. I actually just kissed my computer screen.

melissa said...

She's adorable. Hope she's feeling better!!

Crystal Ann said...

Hi Brook- it's Crystal from Flickr. I just love reading your blog when I can. I am just so thrilled for you and your absolutely ADORABLE family.

Hope tomorrow is fun and she's feeling better so you can all celebrate the occasion.

Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful. Corey you just make me cry, I am so proud of you. Who would of thought such a tiny beautiful person could wrap you so tightly around her pinky!! Enjoy every second.
Special day indeed. Love you Corey!

chrissy said...

we have all just fallen in love with this beautiful baby girl.